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Australia based Decarbon Venture launches the world's 1st swappable battery solar generator that is 50% lighter and 2X more powerful than the rest, at an affordable price

  • DCV Airbase Duo - 3600Wh, 3000W output
  • DCV Airbase Quad - 7200Wh, 6000W output
  • DCV Airbase Power Module - 1800Wh each


Why choose us?

  • Industry Lightest & Smallest
    50% lighter than other products on the market, yet with the same or better storage capacity and smaller in size
  • Swappable Battery Module
    Worlds 1st swappable battery modules allow for ultimate flexibility.  Simply swap spare modules on the fly to increase overall run time.
  • Most Powerful
    Power the majority of home appliances.  The Airbase Duo features 3000Watts output power and 3,600 Wh of energy storage.   The Airbase Quad provides an incredible 6000 Watts output power and 7,200 Wh of energy storage.
  • Whisper Quiet
    The Airbase Duo and Quad feature intelligent climate management and cooling systems to deliver unprecedented power with exceptional efficiency and quietness
  • Solar Charge
    Extend usage time with the DCV Ultra Light Solar Panels.  Airbase Duo is capable of 900 Watts Solar charge, and the Airbase Quad features 2000 Watts!
  • 5 Years Warranty
    DCV Power Modules come with an industry leading 5 year warranty.  Offering peace of mind with over 3,000+ charge cycles the DCV Power modules can easily last 8+ years.


  • 50% lighter and smaller than any other product on the market with the same storage capacity 
  • Swappable DCV Power Modules weigh just 8Kg each 
  • The Airbase Duo fully stocked weighs just 22Kg 
  • The modularity provides a uniquely powerful, flexible and portable ecosystem


  • Intelligent One Touch Operation
  • Cutting edge App for smart phones and smart watches
    • Lock screen widgets, intelligent push notifications, and AR User guide leveraging the latest in Ai technology
  • AC fast charge
  • Integrated Smart home support

Engineering Excellence

  • Quality, Performance & Safety
  • Advanced climate management and cooling system - EXCEPTIONAL QUIETNESS 
  • 300 testing points during production, built-in heat and pressure sensors
  • Certificate : CE, FCC, PSE, RoHS, UL, MSDS, UN38.3
  • IP55 Rain & Dust proof
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DCV Airbase Power Module

  • The world's 1st Semi Solid State swappable battery module 
  • Exceptional safety

DCV Airbase Duo

  • 3600Wh power storage 
  • 3000W continuous output 
  • 50% lighter, twice the power 
  • Power a huge range of household appliances including electric kettles, hair driers, fridges, washing machines and air conditioners

DCV Airbase Quad

  • 7200Wh power storage - unprecedented power in a single compact unit 
  • 6000w output - power beast
  • 50% lighter, double the power
  • Best for caravan, marine, off-grid living, home UPS, EV backup charge 

Ultra Light Solar Panel

  • World lightest 400W folding panel design
  • Incredibly lightweight - a mere 11kg
Testimonials and Co-founder’s stories:

Geoff Elwood, co-founder

During the Covid lockdown, engineer and inventor Geoff Elwood was living off the grid in the Australian Outback. Having lived on and off grid for 30 years, Elwood realized that with all the electric devices and appliances, and the fact that solar power doesn’t work at night, the solar power alone would not allow him to live a 21st century life. 

“I wanted to build an evergreen solution that uses modular power cells that can be swapped when needed, and can be scaled up or down,” said Elwood. “With the Airbase Quad, having the ability to scale from one to four power modules means you have a solution now that provides an incredible and unprecedented 7.2 Kwh of power storage and deliver it at a whopping 6Kw of output, enough energy for a small house for 2-3 days.”

“The AirBase family of products have three key characteristics that make them stand out: half the weight and twice the power of other solar generators as well as being fully modular, helping to make these generators future-proof. They are also much lighter and less expensive to operate than equivalent gas-powered generators. The future is now and it’s lighter, more flexible, modular and green.”

Michelle Penpraze, Traveler

Some early users of the AirBase solar generators ran the equipment through its paces on a trip across the desert to the red center of Australia. While on this epic three-week 4WD off road Expedition, the family used the portable solar panels to power up the DCV AirBase Duo and ran their air conditioner, appliances and their Starlink system. 


Michelle Penpraze, one of the travelers, said “I can’t believe it is so lightweight. I loved being able to move it around as I needed. Being able to plug it into a portable power source while travelling in the Outback in Australia is a game-changer for the way we can tour with our van now!”